November 7

Today will be another humid and warm day across Fiji, with a high chance of some rainfall!


The vertical atmospheric sounding shows the surface temperature and dew point are nearly the same, which indicates a layer of fog over the islands. There is a fairly pronounced, though shallow, temperature inversion and very low surface winds. This does not bode terribly well for local air quality. That being said, there are 54 mm (2 inches) of precipitable water, and if it rains the quality of air will improve.


The sea level analysis shows a large cloud system to the south west of the islands. Upper air winds are moving out of the west, which could drive the cloud cover and rainfall over Fiji later on today.

The colorized infrared satellite imagery shows that Fiji is currently in a break of heavier cloud cover, but the nearby cloud cover makes this break seem to be fairly short lived.

Screen shot 2013-11-06 at 8.10.42 AM

The current animated rainfall radar is shown below. Click the image to see the animation.


The radar shows scattered rain across the islands, with more light activity to south.

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